Our handkerchiefs produced with Spunlace nonwoven fabric are produced according to usage areas and your preference.

  • Cotton: They are kind to the skin and soft to the touch. They are water-absorbing while having water-retaining properties.
  • Viscose: Viscose naturally has great absorbency and strength properties and are known for their softness. They tend to be used in applications where they prevent irritation to the skin.
  • Polyester: Plastic fibers made through extruding molten polymer through small holes. They are widely used in wipes as they are known for having good strength.
  • Wood Pulp: This the main raw material used for wet wipes. They have a high surface area and a flat ribbon-like morphology which gives them good cleaning and absorbency properties.



We offer a wide scope of only licensed plans for you to browse! We give moist disposable cloth fixings and crude materials that can oblige your wipe needs.

We have a library of many equations to look over for your wipes. Every one of our plans are verified through research facilities and offices. We need to ensure each wipe is sheltered and viable for each utilization



  • Canister
  • Soft Flowpack
  • Bucket
  • ReFill Dispenser
  • Individual
  • Sachets

We give an assortment of shapes to our recyclable canisters. Our canisters are ideal for vehicle wipes, sanitizing wipes, furniture wipes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Searching for a greater choice to fit more wipes? Look close to our large pail. Fit up to 500 wipes in only one container! Ideal for schools, eateries thus substantially more.

This is the ideal, go to bundling that is appropriate for an assortment of wipes. Ideal for cosmetics wipes, child wipes and that’s just the beginning.

We can make top off pockets that fit into any enormous wipe container. These are ideal for open rec centers, workplaces and that’s just the beginning.

Personal care has always been one of the most important things to worry about in our lives, as we all are living in crowded cities, using public transportation, using public toilettes, interacting with many people with little social distance.

Health centers and hospitals are one of the places that meets with the greater amount of viruses and bacteria every day.

Industrial sector includes a lot of interaction with people working together, therefore it may not be possible to maintain the social distance at all times.

Accommodation sector is the most important element of the tourism industry. However, due to the high rate of people circulation is may me difficult to maintain the hygiene of the hotel rooms, furnitures, surfaces inside the facility.

Food & Beverage sector is the sector where hygiene is the most important element. Therefore, it is crucial that the surrounding of the food must be as hygienic as the food itself.

Most of us go to gyms and fitness centers to have a healthier body; however we are all aware that these places have a great circulation people and must be cleaned thoroughly to maintain the hygiene.

Our babies are open to every threat with their vulnerable skin and it is our duty to protect them as much as we can.