DALLAS, Oct. 24, 2020/PRNewswire/ – Today, R-Water declares the aftereffects of a free examination led by Microchem Laboratory.

The lab testing affirms that R-Water’s one-venture medical care grade disinfectant, TK60, kills COVID-19 in only 30 seconds.

This far outperforms the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prerequisite of 10 minutes.

TK60 is hypoallergenic and delivered nearby through a protected gadget that can create up to 300 gallons every day.

The dynamic fixing in TK60 is hypochlorous corrosive (HOCl), a similar compound normally created by white platelets to battle contaminations.

Microchem Laboratory autonomously checked that TK60 wiped out 99.997% of human Covid in 30 seconds.

Microchem’s finished report can be gotten to here.

Brian Garrabrant, Assistant Director of Environmental Services at Friendship Village of Dublin.

A head senior free living and retirement network, stated, “In the event that we could get R-Water in each office, all over the place, we’d have the option to crush this Coronavirus episode.”

The EPA requires the testing of a particular difficult to slaughter gram negative and gram positive microorganisms for an item to qualify as a one-venture medical care grade disinfectant.

An item should show 98.3% adequacy against these microorganisms in a 10-minute contact time.

Contact time is the measure of time an item should stay wet on a surface to be successful. Astonishingly, TK60 accomplished 100% adequacy in one moment. See TK60’s outcomes on page 15 here.

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