Cresol Single disinfectant wipes are created to be your number one supporter while battling with viruses and bacteria to protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially now, in COVID-19 period that sanitation plays a crucial role more than ever, Cresol offers a safe use for adults, children and babies with its clean formula. Coming in a small, easily-portable individual packages, it is the best way to carry around in your bag or pocket. It will be your trusted assistant allowing you to maintain the hygiene of every surface at your home, work and anywhere you need.

Product Features

  • A great cleaning experience making sure you maintain the hygiene of each surface with minimum effort
  • An easily-portable individual product to carry around your bag and your pocket to make sure your hygiene anytime, everywhere
  • A helpful cleaning and disinfecting assistant for personal use when you are on the go such as when you are at playgrounds, schools, nursery & kindergarten, gyms & SPA, public facilities or when you need instant cleaning for mobile devices, or any contaminated item. Great to have it on your backpack.
  • Ensures the hygiene of all surfaces with its special formula that is non-toxic, non-irritating, bleach and phenol-free
  • A reliable disinfecting product with all necessary certificates of quality from the US health authorities.
  • A useful tool to avoid the spread of germs and to fight with viruses, bacteria, fungi along with cold and flu viruses.
  • Safe to use in every surface of your house, office, vehicles, etc… such as the floor, kitchen counters and equipments, furnitures and many more to deeply clean and disinfect those areas in short time.
  • Safe to use on the disinfection of electronic devices such Smartphones, Tablets and Remote Controls and many more.
  • A color and scent-free product, useful for people who are allergic to scent and artificial coloring.


  • EPA Registered
  • FDA Registered
  • NSF Listed
  • Alcohol
  • Phenol-free
  • Bleach-free
  • Ammonia-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-irritating

PRODUCT TYPE: Canister Wipes

MATERIAL: Spunlace

COUNT: 60-70-80-90-100-120-160 and 200

COLOR/FINISH: White substrate

TOWELETTE SIZE: 5.51 x 6.3

DIMENSIONS: 11″ x 12.5″ x 12.5″


UPC: 8863154565198

PACKAGING: 6 Canisters Per Case

PACKAGE TYPE: Corrugated Cardboard

DIMENSIONS: 9″ x 10″ x 14.75″


PALLET: 96 cs

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Dairies
  • Restaurants
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Animals Hospitals
  • Kennels
  • Grooming Establishments
  • Zoos
  • Pet Shops
  • Tack Shops
  • Animal Holding Areas
  • Bars
  • Institutional Kitchens
  • Food Handling and Processing Areas
  • Food Preparation Lines to Sanitize Pre-Cleaned, Hard, Non-Porous Food Contact Surfaces