Our company Cresol Wipes has been a leading stakeholder of industrial cleaning products sector since 2005, serving from our headquarters in İstanbul-Hadimkoy.

To ensure the best quality with affordable prices we work day and night, researching and developing the best products with greatest protection and clean formula.

Our aim is to protect you and your loved ones’ health, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic period that disinfection plays a crucial role more than ever.

With our high quality products of disinfectants, wet wipes, disinfectant wipes, surface cleaning wipes, toilet papers, paper towels, napkins, liquid soaps, industrial dishwashing soap and all kinds of industrial liquid cleaning supplies, we are determined to show people the best ways to save themselves from viruses and bacteria and prove the importance of sanitation in every  day life.

Our products are safe to use on every surface and skin, suitable for adults, children and babies.