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Bioflush wipes
Piyasanın yıkanabilir mendillere artan ilgisi nedeniyle CRESOL, Türkiye’nin ilk üreticisi ve öncülerinden biri olma avantajını elde etti.
Antibacterial Wipes
Cresol Soft Pack Antibakteriyel mendiller, kendinizi ve sevdiklerinizi korumak için virüs ve bakterilerle savaşırken bir numaralı destekçiniz olmak için yaratılmıştır.
Surface Bucket Wipes
Cresol Kovalı dezenfektan mendiller, kendinizi ve sevdiklerinizi korumak için virüsler ve bakterilerle savaşırken bir numaralı destekçiniz olmak için tasarlandı.

Our Services Sectors

Personel Care

Personal care has always been one of the most important things to worry about in our lives, as we all are living in crowded cities, using public transportation, using public toilettes, interacting with many people with little social distance.

Health Care

It is important to maintain the hygiene of these facilities to protect the health of health care workers and the people who have to stay in hospitals for health problems.


Accommodation sector is the most important element of the tourism industry. However, due to the high rate of people circulation is may me difficult to maintain the hygiene of the hotel rooms, furnitures, surfaces inside the facility

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage sector is the sector where hygiene is the most important element. Therefore, it is crucial that the surrounding of the food must be as hygienic as the food itself.


Most of us go to gyms and fitness centers to have a healthier body; however we are all aware that these places have a great circulation people and must be cleaned thoroughly to maintain the hygiene.


Industrial sector includes a lot of interaction with people working together, therefore it may not be possible to maintain the social distance at all times.

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